i spent my whole afternoon arranging the piles and piles of paper aka transes that i've accumulated since 2nd year. i haven't gotten them bound yet because i was too busy last summer. exaj, 1/4 of my unit was littered with paper while i was organizing my transes!!!! and yep, arranging the transes in the order they were lectured is back breaking work. whew!

na-realize ko lang:

  1. sobrang dami talagang inaral nung 2nd year. the transes completely filled up 8 long expandable envelopes (the very expandable ones ha)!!! that's after throwing away all the useless photocopies,  transes from other classes and bazurrahs.
  2. and in contrast, sobrang benign talaga ng 3rd year! my transes this year haven't even filled 1 expandable envelope yet, and this year's almost done. haha.
  3. we spend so much on photocopying!!!!
  4. i tend to photocopy handouts/books/notes i KNOW i won't even pick-up and read.
wala lang. yung lang yung point ng afternoon ko.

i recently watched atonement, knocked up, and the bucket list and PS i love you. ;) hehe, gets ko na finally what torrents are, and wow, i'm addicted to downloading!!

deep yung atonement, set during one of the world wars. it's depressingly beautiful. but don't watch it after an exam. you'll fall asleep kasi puro salitaan. i liked it though, and i want to read the book!!!

knocked up ako na lang yata hindi nakakapanood. super funny! as in you know the boy bastos joke about not having sex when you're pregnant because the guy's penis might be poking the baby? it's there hahaha! but it isn't some slapstick comedy. hindi sya pointless! chaka!! (eliza, 2008)

the bucket list made me cry. buckets. awww for friendships. and for traveling around the world. now i'm seriously considering taking a year off after the boards and just travel. mejo unrealistic nga lang yun kasi san ako kukuha ng pera?! sabi ko nga kay ge mag moonlighting kami around the philippines muna for one year, after the boards. hahaha. i'll make my own bucket list one of these days.

gerry (as in the hot king in 300! ahoo ahoo!)  is sooooo hot in PS i love you!!! and hilary swank is soooo ma-panga. hehe. i liked it din, mejo naluha ako dun sa videoke scene. at times, funny sya so tawa, sad, tawa, iyak... ganun. and may twist. ;) i'm now reading the book.

aside from the movies, i'm also addicted to playing diner dash 4 and mystery case files (4) madam fate!!! so if you guys see me around puffy eyed, it's not because ge and i had a fight (i hope not) or because i stayed up studying (asa pa)! haha. it's because i'm up until 2-3 am in the morning, facing my laptop, watching and playing!!!!

valentine's next week, i'm excited!