So after the toxicity of TRP, now I'm bored. We're half day almost every day and I'm seriously going nuts because there is nothing else to do!!!! Alam nyo naman med students, pag toxic, nagrereklamo, pag sobrang benign, nagrereklamo pa rin. Hahaha. In 3 days... (in no particular order) I've finished 10 episodes of gossip girl in half a day... I've already gone around the mall and was able to buy a dress!!! (so now i'm very very poor!) I've tried two new restaurants in the Midtown wing... (as in I need to super save na for Valentine's day!) I've gone to Star City, bought the ride all you can ticket and rode only 2 "kiddie" rides! went inside snow world!!! slid down the ice slide, watched ge as he rode the more thrilling rides, wasted 100+ bucks trying to win the big stuffed toys! Watched national treasure with my brother!! Tried my luck at Tom's World and Timezone with my blockmates!! All that and lots of sleep in between. ICC is THE life!!!! PS. Wala bang party jan? Hehehe.