oh weeeeeeee there's some internet that my laptop can detect here in our place! but the signal is too low if i move an inch it's gone.

i finally started what i was really supposed to do here-- my elective. i'm taking up uro-oncology, but today, i learned that i pretty much can do whatever i want to do and choose wherever i want to go-- OR or clinics. i went to the OR today. :)

the first procedure that i was able to observe was a robotic prostatectomy! they don't do open prostatectomy here anymore... the surgeon didn't even have to scrub in because the robot does all the dirty work! and no big abdominal incisions... just 4 small holes on the abdomen where the robot's arms equipped with the video and light source and the various surgical instruments. and oh, the video is displayed on a very big flat screen TV and two other TVs for the assisting surgeon and nurse. ang yaman nila!!!!

the second procedure i watched was the nephrectomy. nag-harvest ng kidney from a lady which was to be transplanted to her dad. cooool! and i was the one who put the foley cath. :) they had this foley cath kit which contained everything, including the tweezers and cotton that you can use.

super ideal ng health care system dito... they have access to the best advancements in medicine, and yeah, complete instruments and supplies. they have this "shelf" full of different kinds of sutures in EVERY OR, a table full of different kinds of clamps, scissors and everything imaginable. and they are very meticulous about counting all the instruments and stuff that they use in every operation. they count and tabulate THRICE. they even have this organizer where they can put all then bloodied/used OS (gauze) so that they can assure nothing's left inside the body.

as in sobrang amazed talaga ako kanina the chief resident (my teacher) must think we do things in the philippines in a barbaric manner... (which, come to think of it, is actually kind of true!).

even the resident's callroom (which they call the "team room") is amazing. the door locks itself when you go out, and you have to punch in the code on the doors for you to get in. the room has 3 functional computers, connected to the internet and intranet, plus wifi and printers!

their patient record system is also jaw dropping! everything is computerized, ALL the patient's records are stored in their system and you can pretty much access everything that happened to the patient. even the MRI/CT/Xray/all imaging procedures can be accessed and zoomed! even the orders are given out through the internet and you can also see if it was done or suspended by the resident. amazing!!!!

so tomorrow, sa clinic naman ako. i'm sure mamamangha na naman ako!

i'm the only girl in the department. all the residents and the attending physicians are males! all their scrubs are LARGE kasi puro lalaki sila, but i have to make do with it.

i hope i don't get bored in my elective... there's still a month to go!

PS. we walk like more than 10 blocks everyday. lakad ang theme dito sa NY! hehe. can't wait to upload my pictures!!!